Invisalign® and Clear Aligner Treatment

If you’re checking out this section of our website, you’re probably interested in less visible, more discreet ways to straighten your teeth—and if that’s the case, this is a great time to be thinking about orthodontics!  Invisalign® and other clear aligner treatments like Clarity™ have made massive technological strides in the past two decades, and this has allowed us to treat cases with clear aligners that could previously only be treated with braces.  The majority of the cases we see in our practice are now good candidates for clear aligner treatment.  We’ve been a Gold Plus Invisalign® Provider for two years running, so read on to see how we can use clear aligners to secretly and stealthily straighten your smile!

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What are Invisalign® and Clarity™, and how do they work?

Invisalign® and Clarity™ are types of “clear aligner” treatment which use esthetic, nearly invisible aligners or trays paired with tooth-colored “attachments” to align your teeth.  All clear aligner treatments start with a 3D scan of your teeth.  This scan is then uploaded so that Drs. Small and Piers can use their detailed knowledge of orthodontic esthetics and the biology of tooth movement to create a computer-generated setup of your healthy, beautiful new smile.  An initial or “working” series of customized trays is then manufactured and sent to our office, and we schedule your bonding appointment.  At this visit we bond attachments to several key teeth in your mouth and give you the first several aligners.  Each of these aligners is numbered, and you wear them 22 hours a day for 1-2 weeks (depending on your treatment plan) before you move to the next aligner in the series.  This continuous, comfortable and discreet straightening process continues over the course of your treatment until we’ve created your gorgeous, healthy new smile.

What are the benefits of clear aligner treatment?

There are many!  Clear aligner treatment is more esthetic than braces, and it’s a great choice for someone who wants a discreet way to improve their smile.  Clear aligners also tend to be more comfortable than braces.  This is primarily because they don’t use brackets and wires and are customized just for you, meaning they follow the contours of your teeth and are less likely to irritate your lips and cheeks.  Clear aligners can also be removed to eat and drink, which means you won’t have all the dietary restrictions you’d have with braces.  (In other words, you don’t have to give up all your favorite crunchy and sticky foods!)  Being able to remove your aligners also makes it easier to brush, floss and keep your teeth clean during treatment, and means there’s no reason to worry about playing sports or a musical instrument.  If you’re in a hurry to get a great new smile for a big life event like a wedding, you can also whiten your teeth DURING clear aligner treatment to achieve a straighter, whiter smile all at once.  As a rule, clear aligners tend to be more convenient than braces for people with a busy schedule, since each appointment is shorter and there are fewer appointments overall.  (You can just switch to the next aligner in the series instead of coming in for a new archwire.)  Perhaps most importantly, clear aligners allow for excellent communication about treatment goals.  We’ll be able to show you and your family a computer-generated setup of that beautiful new smile before we get started so that we can make sure we’re all on the same page from the very beginning.

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How do I get started with clear aligner treatment?

Everything starts with your new patient exam!  Give us a call and we’ll get you in for your initial exam to make sure that you’re a candidate for clear aligner treatment.  (Since we’re Gold Plus Invisalign® Providers with lots of clear aligner experience, most of our patients are.)  After that, the next step is to get a 3D scan of your teeth so that we can complete a digital setup of your teeth to show you all the possibilities for your beautiful, healthy new smile.

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